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Cosmetic Surgery

Feel confident, feel great, feel happy


Let’s be honest, its normal to be dissatisfied with the appearance of a specific part of your body and want to have something done about it. It may be that your confidence and general well-being has been affected by this worry and this itself can have an impact on your life and relationships.

Mr Ghattaura consults with lots of patients who have cosmetic concerns and is highly experienced in managing these conditions. His combined training in Cosmetic Surgery and Psychology have specifically equipped him to manage cosmetic surgery safely and effectively.

Mr Ghattaura has been trained by world leaders in Cosmetic Surgery and now has a busy practice spanning five private Hospitals in Wales. His interest and expertise in major reconstructive surgery has specifically given him an advantage when it comes to cosmetic breast surgery, post weight loss surgery and post pregnancy procedures.

Mr Ghattaura’s approach to all surgery is to achieve a natural look in proportion to your body shape and size. He is an absolute perfectionist and always aims to give you the best result possible with the highest level of  care throughout.

Abdominal Surgery

Abdominal cosmetic surgery sculpts your tummy and waistline, to improve your overall body shape. Through a combination of liposuction and skin reduction, you can achieve a slim, contoured tummy that looks amazing in clothing, with virtually hidden scars.

Breast Surgery

Cosmetic breast surgery dramatically improves the shape & size of your breasts, to enhance your figure. Mr Ghattaura uses a combination of breast enlargement techniques using implants or fat injections as well as breast reductions /uplift procedures to reduce the volume of your breast & tighten the skin.

Facial Surgery

Your face is your most defining feature. Facial surgery uses a combination of techniques to reverse the effects of ageing and rejuvenate your skin. Ear correction surgery reshapes the cartilage to improve your facial proportions and improve your overall confidence.

Body Contouring


Weight changes, pregnancy and the general effects of ageing can have a negative effect on your skin quality and your overall body shape. Mr Ghattaura uses a combination of liposuction and skin reduction techniques to re-contour you body.


Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery for obesity, dramatically improves your health & fitness & is highly successful surgery. Unfortunately, these weight changes can lead to unsightly loose skin on your arms, legs, breasts & tummy, leaving  you disappointed with your outcome. Mr Ghattaura uses a combination of skin reduction surgeries & implants to correct these conditions.

Your Consultation

Mr Ghattaura will spend time listening to you carefully and helping you chose the right operation, tailor made for your specific goals.

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