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It’s always a pleasure to get feedback from my patients. Please find below a selection of comments for you to read.

It was my intention to have my breasts enlarged with a very natural look.  All I wanted was the size all my padding gave me in my numerous padded bras.  I did not want the surgery to change my appearance or body shape but give me a natural perky breast.  It absolutely changed my life.  No one noticed but me and that’s what I had desired, not a fake over large look.  Could not be more satisfied with the surgery.

Rachel from Cardiff - Bilateral Breast Augmentation

I Came out of my consultation with Mr Ghattaura feeling very confident and informed of what to expect from my surgery.  I had previously had a consultation with another consultant ad hadn’t been told certain things about the shape of my breasts which would affect the finished result.  Mr ghattaura also said it will take up to a year for my implants to achieve my desired look which I wasn’t told before.  I was happy to know this as I may have been disappointed with my implants just a few months down the line.  The procedure was straight forward, I felt in good hands on the day.  Mr ghattaura is a professional down to earth consultant and I cannot recommend him enough.  3 Months post op I am over the moon with the results.  It has boosted my confidence and I now feel om proportion with my body.  Thank you so much Mr Ghattaura.

Ms Smith, 31 from Swansea - Bilateral Breast Augmentation

When I had my consultation with Mr Ghattaura I had already “shopped around” and been to a couple of other consultants at different hospitals. Until I met Mr Ghattaura, I had felt I was being sold a product and the consultations were sales based.  Mr Ghattaura got to know me as a person through the consultations and wanted to ensure I was definite on my decision as I was only 22 having surgery.  He was reassuring and supportive throughout, I truly had every confidence in him and my decision to have the surgery so young was completely respected. 

I was cared for from start to finish, every aspect of the process was explained to me by Mr Ghattaura and I knew he was going to do his upmost for me.  I had a haematoma in my left breast following the operation and had to go back for surgery the following day.  This could have been extremely stressful for me, but my memory of the event is not stressful, I knew I was being looked after.

The aftercare I received was consistent and I remember looking forward to my follow up appointments to see my progress and healing.

With regard to my results, I can say without doubt that the surgery changed my life.  My scarring is minimal and extremely neat, with a tan you wouldn’t even know!   I'll never forget the kindness Mr Ghattaura showed me (and my nervous family).  I would recommend him 100% and I can say that im 5 years post op and I’d do it again tomorrow if they grew back.

I would like to thank Mr Ghattaura and everyone that cared for me throughout, like I say. 

“It changed my life”.

Anon, 22 from Bridgend - Bilateral Breast Reduction

I was given Amar Ghattauras name from a friend that had cosmetic surgery with him.   I am glad I chose this surgeon, he I experience, puts you at ease, he is truthful with you and will exceed expectations. I was advised my implants did not need replacing so he is honest. Although he was happy to replace as I felt I needed a bigger size.  I am happy with the whole experience and the results. Would definitely recommend this surgeon. 

Anon, 29 from Neath - Exchange of Implants

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