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Your Consultation

Surgery is a big decision for you and probably something you’ve thought about for quite some time before booking your consultation. Mr Ghattaura promises to listen carefully to you and will guide you through all aspects of surgery. He will then personally help you decide whether surgery is right option for you and what other options may be available for your specific body shape and size. Mr Ghattaura will recommend you take as long as you need before committing to surgery, to make sure you’ve made the right decision and are not feeling pressurised.

During your initial consultation, Mr Ghattaura will take some time to put you at ease and then ask you some key questions about your specific areas of concern. He will then examine you, sensitively and with dignity, in the presence of a nurse. 

Mr Ghattaura will then guide you through your surgical options, spelling out the pros and cons of each choice in detail. He will remind you that not having surgery may also be a valid option and you should consider this.

Mr Ghattaura will then send you a comprehensive summary of the consultation, focusing on the procedure as well as highlighting any possible complications. He will also write to your GP in most cases and send you more information fact-sheets on the proposed operation.

If you wish to proceed with surgery, Mr Ghattaura’s team will contact you directly to organise a surgery date suitable for you. You will then normally attend a pre-surgery heath check with the hospital nurse to make sure you are medically fit for the anaesthetic.

On the day of surgery, Mr Ghattaura will see you on the ward and confirm that you are still happy to proceed. He will mark the surgical area with a skin-marker and ask you to sign a consent form.

After surgery, Mr Ghattaura will review you to make sure you are safe to be discharged. He will always make sure you are comfortable before you go home and prescribe pain-killers as necessary. 

Mr Ghattaura will make sure you have the right follow up appointments with both him and the cosmetic nurse in the days and weeks after surgery.  

Available at HMT Sancta Maria, Spire Cardiff Hospital, Nuffield Health and BMI Werndale

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