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Our Team

Choosing the right team is paramount to your journey and feeling supported before, during and after your surgery is essential.

 Mr Ghattaura has developed his team carefully over the past 10 years to make sure you have an amazing experience under his care. Each and every one of his team understand that cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery can be a life changing decision.

Our philosophy is truly holistic, considering all aspects of your needs, both surgically and emotionally. Every one of our patients is unique and we aim to guide you through your journey with all the support you need.  Key to our approach is a promise to you that you will be treated with respect and dignity and that the highest standards of quality and care are maintained throughout.  And of course, we want you to be truly happy with your result, which we have every confidence you will be.


Our promise to you is that we truly want you to leave us with an amazing result, following a journey throughout which you felt safe and confident.

Clinical Team


Amar Ghattaura

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

"I aim to provide a holistic approach that manages your emotional and psychological needs whilst producing the physical transformation you desire.
I will personally oversee every step of your journey and will manage my team to provide you with the 24 hour a day support you need. I will always produce an individually tailored service for you and your needs.
Central to my approach is the promise that I manage every patient I see with respect and dignity and that the highest standards of safety and quality are maintained throughout."


Daniella Udraufski

Cosmetic Nurse
Spire Cardiff Hospital

After qualifying from Swansea University, I worked in Theatres, Intensive Care and then as a District Nurse. I am now the Cosmetic Surgery Clinical Lead Nurse at Spire Hospital Cardiff, where I aim to give you an amazing experience throughout your surgery. I’m there for you before surgery and during the important aftercare stage. I feel privileged to work alongside Mr Ghattaura at the Spire Hospital and hope you feel well cared for throughout your time spent with us.


 Vicky Muntean

Cosmetic Nurse
Sancta Maria Hospital

 I have over 26 years of experience as an RGN, having worked previously in Germany and Switzerland. I have worked in the Sancta Maria Hospital since 2005 and now have the role of Clinical Lead in Outpatients Department - Pre-assessment and Dressing Clinic, with a highly specialised interest in wound care after cosmetic surgery.
I always aim to give my patients the best possible care, before and after surgery and can offer advise whenever needed.

Admin Team


Tracey Williams

Caroline Hall

Harleena Jheeta

PA to Mr Ghattaura

I have worked in private healthcare for over 8-years now and gained valuable experience of the theatre bookings process during this time.

I now work closely with Mr Ghattaura, managing and co-ordinating his private patients. I am the personal point of contact for any questions or concerns you may have before and after your surgery and work closely with the private hospitals to make sure you are seen and managed with minimum delay.
I take pride in looking after our patients in a friendly, professional and approachable way. I am available by phone, text or email and will always try to answer your questions or resolve any problems. A lovely part of my role is getting to know you and personally guiding you through your journey with Mr Ghattaura.

Financial Director

I have over 20 years of experience working within the field of finance after studying Business Management at degree level. My previous post was working as a senior buyer for a FTSE100 company, working closely with the management board. I now manage all finance issues for Mr Ghattaura’s practice.

PR Manager

I have over 10-years of experience working in public relations, having worked previously for a group of dental practices providing advertising support. I now manage Mr Ghattaura’s public profile, including his social media presence.

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