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Lipoedeama is a poorly understood condition which is actually very common, affecting up to 1 in 10 women. In many cases, patients with lipoedema have been labeled as obese by health care professionals and told to lose weight. Unfortunately, this rarely corrects the condition, as the underlying problem is the disproportionate amount of fat deposited in their legs and arms, compared to the rest of their body. 

Many patients seek out Mr Ghattaura for his lipoedema treatments as he has a vast experience of treating lymphedema patients with liposuction in his NHS practice. He works very closely with the same specialised team of lymphoedema therapists in his NHS as his private practice and can therefore offer a comprehensive program of treatment for lipoedema. His patients report extremely high rates of satisfaction following this surgery and often feel like they have got their normal life back, with reduced pain and heaviness. Many are able to expose their arms or legs for the first time with confidence and enjoy wearing normal clothes again.

Non-Surgical Treatments


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