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Non-Surgical Treatments

In some cases, surgery may not be the right option to treat your lymphoedema. It may be that your lymphedema is too far advanced to manage with surgery, or it may be that Mr Ghattaura feels that surgery is not safe for you if you have significant medical problems. In these cases, don’t lose hope – we still have lots of treatments that can help. 
Mr Ghattaura works very closely with his lymphoedema therapy team and they will take time to listen to you carefully in clinic and examine your limbs comprehensively. Together, they can advise you on the best garments to wear, that are well fitting and specifically tailored to your lymphedema swelling and body shape. These garments will be essential to prevent your lymphoedema worsening.
The therapy team will also advise you on specialised massage therapies to drain your lymph fluid. They will then write to your local lymphoedema team with their recommendations.

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