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Tubular Breasts

We know that breast shape and size plays a really special role in a woman’s sense of femininity. When your breast starts to develop during the earliest stages of puberty, any abnormalities of the shape and size become very apparent to you. Whatever the degree of shape abnormally, Mr Ghattaura understands that your breast appearance can lead to real embarrassment and lack of self-esteem and this can deeply influence your psychosocial wellbeing and sexuality.

Tubular breast (also known of as tuberous breast or constricted breast) is one of the most common types of developmental breast disorders that can affect your breast during this early stage of life. This developmental disorder can lead to your breast looking a bit ‘pointed’ and you may not understand why this is happening. In some cases, the breast can appear quite small in size, or lack skin, particularly on the lower half. The crease underneath the breast (inframammary fold) is often high and the two breasts can be quite widely spaced apart. Finally, the nipple-areolar may be wide and puffy or the two breasts can be quite different in shape and size. It is important to understand that you may have just one of these features, or all of them, as tuberous breast deformity is extremely variable between different women. 

Mr Ghattaura has an extensive experience in treating women with tubular breast deformity through his NHS practice, specialising in developmental breast disorders. For this reason, many women seek him out for his expertise in correcting size, shape and symmetry issues with their breasts. In mild cases, you may just be seeking correction of small breasts size and may not be aware that you have tuberous breast until Mr Ghattaura points this out to you. In more severe cases, the shape abnormalities will be very apparent to you. Ultimately, it is important for you to remember that surgery to correct tubular breasts is not the same as just having a breast augmentation. 

Mr Ghattaura will carefully assess and quantify each specific feature of your tubular breast and individually tailor the treatment for you. The technical approach chosen is based on your specific breast shape and size as well as your goals for surgery.

What is involved in the procedure?

Once you have decided to go ahead with surgery, you will decide on a date that is suitable for you.  You will generally need to stay in hospital for 1 night following surgery, to ensure you feel well rested and pain free after the surgery. 


Although, not all patients with tubular breasts want or need breast implants, the majority of patients do desire some increase in size. Normally, an implant is placed under your breast tissue, through a small scar under the breast. The crease below your breast is also lowered and the lower breast gland is divided to stretch this portion of the breast. Sometimes, a breast skin tightening procedure (mastopexy) is performed at the same time to reduce the size and puffiness of your areola. In severe cases, where you have very little skin on the lower half of your breasts, your breasts may need to be reconstructed in stages. Firstly, a temporary ‘balloon’ implant (expander) is placed under the breast skin to stretch the lower part of your breast. At a second stage, Mr Ghattaura will exchange this ‘balloon’ implant for a permanent silicone implant. During this surgery, Mr Ghattaura may also undertake the mastopexy procedure, to correct any residual nipple prominence. 

For both procedures you will have a general anaesthetic, so you will sleep throughout the entire operation.  Dressings will be applied once the surgery is finished, and you will need to wear a soft supportive sports style bra for 6 weeks afterwards. 


Time to Recover

During the first week of recovery you will need plenty of rest and limited movement to allow your body to heal.  After one week, you will return to hospital to have your dressings removed. You will probably need to take two weeks off from your normal work or busy routine and 4-6 weeks off more physical activities, like the gym.  After this time you can expect to return to your normal life.

Tubular breast deformity is extremely common and surgery to correct this can have a really positive effect on your confidence and wellbeing.  Ultimately, you should be able to find that perfect bra, without the feeling that it doesn’t fit properly. This in turn, will make your clothes feel and look so much better.   

Available at HMT Sancta Maria, Spire Cardiff Hospital, Nuffield Health and BMI Werndale

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